Guy Owen Prize

$1,000 and publication for an unpublished poem. Submit 3-5 poems, (10 pages maximum), $20 entry payable to Southern Poetry Review (includes one-year subscription) between March 1 and May 31 (postmarks). For online submissions, include contact information only with entry form below, not on any poem submitted. Hard-copy submissions, include contact information on separate cover sheet.

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  • Accepted file types: doc, pdf, rtf.
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Alternative, submissions may be mailed to us. Please make check or money order payable with SASE reply only to:

Southern Poetry Review
Guy Owen Prize
Dept. of Languages, Literature and Philosophy
Armstrong Atlantic State University
11935 Abercorn Street
Savannah, Georgia 31419-1997

Previous Guy Owen Prize Winners

2017: Janet Ford, “His Time.” Final Judge, William Greenway
2016: Alex Dupree, “brother marcus.” Final Judge, Suzanne Cleary.
2015: Ron Watson, “View from Where the Grass Is Always Greener.” Final Judge, Philip Dacey.
2014: Traci Rae Letellier, “Outlaw Country.” Final judge, Claudia Emerson.
2013: Janet Smith, “The Children’s Section.” Final judge, Arthur Smith.
2012: Susan Schmidt, “If They Came Our Way.” Final judge, Kathryn Stripling Byer.
2011: Catherine Staples, “Red Rover.” Final judge, Carl Dennis.
2010: Elton Glaser, “Do the Do.” Final judge, Betty Adcock.
2009: Elton Glaser, “Slow Fuse Around the Cranium.” Final judge, David Wagoner.
2008: George David Clark, “Jellyfish.” Final judge, Jane Hirshfield.
2007: Marianna Busching, “Ode to the Innards.” Final judge, Linda Pastan.
2006: R. T. Smith, “Plantation of the Mad.” Final judge, Dave Smith.
2005: Enid Shomer, “‘Gowned Waiting‘.” Final judge,Fred Chappell.
2004: Alison Jarvis, “Listen.” Final judge, David Kirby.
2003: Andrew Grace, “For Tityrus.” Final judge, Ellen Bryant Voigt.
2002: Debra A. Daniel, “Hymn of Invitation.” Final judge, Peter Meinke.