A Journal dedicated to poetry.

SPR is the second oldest poetry journal in the region, with its origins in Florida and subsequent moves to North Carolina and now Georgia. Continuing the tradition of editorial openness and response to writers that began with Guy Owen in 1958, SPR publishes poems from all over the country as well as from abroad and maintains a worldwide readership. Past issues feature work from Chana Bloch, Billy Collins, Alice Friman, David Hernandez, Andrew Hudgins, Maxine Kumin, Heather McHugh, Sue William Silverman, R. T. Smith, Eric Trethewey, and Cecilia Woloch.

SPR reads submissions year-round and annually sponsors The Guy Owen Prize Contest. The result is a semi-annual literary publication showcasing poems by leading poets as well as those writers we think will become leading poets. We look forward to hearing from you and reading your work. Be sure to check out our news section below for noteworthy updates about our authors, upcoming contests, and awards. And please take some time to browse our archives and enjoy our rich trove of previously published poets.