2017 Guy Owen Prize Winner

Poet William Greenway, this year’s final judge, chose “His Time” by Janet Ford of Taylorsville, North Carolina as the winner of the 2017 Guy Owen Prize awarded … read more

Paul Martin on Poetry Daily

Congratulations to Paul Martin, whose poem, “The Fig Tree,” from Southern Poetry Review 55:1 will be featured in poetrydaily.org, on August 20, 2017.

Floyd Skloot on Poetry Daily

Congratulations to Floyd Skloot, whose poem, “City Championship, 1926,” from Southern Poetry Review 54:2 was featured in poetrydaily.org, January 25, 2017.

Elton Glaser on Poetry Daily

Congratulations to Elton Glaser, whose poem, “Expanding Stanzas in Contracting Cold,” was featured on PoetryDaily.org on September 7, 2016.

Congratulations to Alex Dupree

Congratulations to Alex Dupree, whose poem, “brother marcus,” was selected by Suzanne Cleary as the winner of the 2016 Guy Owen Prize.

Congratulations to Ron Watson

Congratulations to Ron Watson, whose poem, “View from Where the Grass is Always Greener,” was selected by Philip Dacey as the winner of the 2015 Guy … read more

Congratulations to Traci Rae Letellier

Congratulations to Traci Rae Letellier, whose poem, “Outlaw Country,” was selected by Claudia Emerson as the winner of the 2014 Guy Owen Prize.